By simply mixing milk and grains you get milk kefir, a delightfully healthy beverage.
Either plain or as an ingredient in smoothies, shakes, ice creams, bread spreads, salads, cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, pancakes –
your favourite meal can easily be even more delicious with kefir. Milk kefir grains can be reused over and over.



High-Quality Live Kefir Cultures

We only deliver milk kefir grains of the highest quality that have been grown with the utmost care.

Guarantee of Freshness

All our cultures will be carefully packed for you just before the dispatch. To ensure freshness of every packed milk kefir grains the delivery can sometimes be delayed. This additional effort guarantees that your culture is not being sealed any longer than absolutely necessary and makes it easy for you to further cultivate the kefir after delivery. Expiration date of the sealed delivery is 28 days from the date of packing.

Secure delivery

The grains come in a sturdy and food-safe medical tube, and with a how-to manual in written form.



When you buy this product you get FREE ACCESS to:
the booklet “DELICIOUS KEFIR DISHES” with 30+ recipes.




Produced By

Dairy Krepko is the dairy producer in Europe specialized in the traditional production of kefir from kefir grains, other fermented milk drinks and special cheeses. All of their products are high biological value foods. They are made from high-quality non-homogenized Slovenian milk (conventional or organic). They are intended for health-conscious customers with a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.




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